Threats To Wildlife & Efforts

Encroachment in to Wildlife Reserves

Nowadays it has become necessity & beyond is being debated for long , yet the fact that people historically been venturing into India's forest in search of firewood , minor forest produce , fruits ,leaves and fodder for there's livestock , Genesis of Project Tiger has seriously about limited access of people entry into the core areas of forest and restricting access in the buffer zones too, Human and livestock population have exhibited the situation in the process relocation , proceedings where they can have provision of alternative location and compensation Too.

At Ranthambore National Park in year 1987 then at local administrative decision due to pressure from villages to grant permission to graze cattle in the park , caused major damage to forest , although it got reversed by the central government but during that period several cattle had browsed the park and major damage was caused to forest & natural corridor , connecting tracks of forest too.

In many Tiger Reserves increasing conflicts between humans living in the park and cases of poisoning of tigers to protect live stock were reported and were major concern about wildlife safety. But now government has made rules for giving compensation to cattle owner if cattle is killed by Tiger and compensation is given immediately on market rates.