Project Tiger Information

Each tiger reserve is managed by a field director at the rank of conservator of forest, who is supported by the Deputy Directors and Other field staff , Field Director interns reports to the Chief Wildlife Warden of the state , Tiger Reserves by the laws are under the administrative control of the state governments , And the Central Government level directorate of project tiger , under the Umbrella of Ministry of Environment and Forest is headed by the Director of CCA, who is assisted by a Joint Director and other useful subordinate staff.

The Directorate of Project Tiger has chiefly a supervisory and monitoring role in the management of tiger reserves , besides providing financial assistance under centrally sponsored scheme to various state governments , financing pattern of Project Tiger is a centrally sponsored schemes the states receive 100 percent financial assistance for non recurring items and 50 % of financial assistance for approved recurring items that directorate of project tiger the centrally sponsored scheme , project tiger was launched on April 1973 to achieve the following the objectives to ensure maintenance of a viable population of Tigers in India for scientific ,economic ,aesthetic ,cultural and ecological values to preserve for all times areas of such biological importance as a national heritage for the benefit of education and enjoyment of the people detailed project review, critical review of Tiger Reserves in year 1993 place and has been documented it was almost all the Tiger Reserves , definition tiger population has questions on those associated with the ministry of jungles , Indian wildlife authority is all concerned about Big Cat’s life should respond well as India is custodian of 60 percent of tiger population of the world.

And on special responsibility recent convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora to strengthen the international affairs to hold the illegal trade on Tiger and its trafficking with operation Tiger 1972 and Project Tiger in year 1973 . Landmark events in the Indian context Project Tiger has remained as one of the most successful projects in the world , carried out to preserve and extinct species in the year 1971 the ban on Tiger hunting was implemented and total number count of tigers was estimated at 1827 in year 1992.

The number of Project Tiger parks has gone up to 19 with a totally new concept of preservation of the tiger as part of protection of the whole ecological circle does this exclusive projects launched in the year 1972 , to save one of the world’s most magnificent animals which have become really close to extinction with only about 1827 tigers left in the world.