Precautions During Wildlife Safari

Expectation of seeing wildlife in Rajaji National Park as a matter of routine is never true. One should be patient to look at them and one should not get disappointed even if he does not see any wildlife after marathon efforts.

The two main requirements for a visit to Rajaji National Pare ark discipline and silence ,both for success and personal safety ,children must be kept always under control as any mistake may turn fatal.

While visiting Rajaji National Park small groups should be formed rather than a big one & It is worth remembering that early morning and the late afternoons or rewarding times in most jungles.

While in wild one should avoid going alone on foot in elephant prone jungles , avoid loud colored clothes, use colors that are camouflage one in the jungle avoid using perfume.

It is essential and recommended to carry sufficient drinking water ,tea and snacks. while visiting Rajaji National Park when should timely inform the authorities or tour operator and always take a guide while enjoying safari inside park.

One should not forget to carry additional batteries and a spare camera as opportunities are rare and cannot wait to be captured. While visiting the wildlife reserve one should not disturb animals as it is unfair as well as dangerous.

While Trekking leeches are very common, tracker should take anti leach measures ,use jungle boots ,caps and a walking stick ,watch for plants which could cause allergy.

One should strictly carry medicines for common ailments including anti venom serum, Inside park one should avoid smoking and should not throw lighted objects carelessly it may cause fire, One should also avoid using radios and mobile phones in national parks.

Every one should be strict that no one throws waste material or food as this is harmful to the inhabitants, Always remember wild life has the right of way and others are only visitors, One should not judge actions of wild life from a human angle they follow certain biological behavior which may be unknown to us , never interfere just watch.

Visitors should get as much details as possible about the Rajaji National Park before entering it, When should take care that no one takes away any article from national park even if these are left unattended.

Crossing the distance limit too is risky , take advice of wildlife guide which is valuable , carry your notebooks to record as much detail as one can , this will be helpful during wildlife safari , It is advisable to carry a flashlight ,road maps etc. One should have sufficient measures to protect themselves against rain and cold, it is also safe to carry extra drinking water for emergency situations.

Binocular inside wildlife reserves are a must , books on Indian animals and birds are useful for identifying the different species , wildlife conservation and eco friendliness is a must , National Parks are in danger primarily due to visit buy casual ,non-serious visitors , polluting the environment, it needs to be taken care while traveling to Rajaji National Park.

Stay inside Jungles will make your wildlife experience more enjoyable as staying in between wildlife calls and sounds gives you perfect feel of Wild which one can not get in 3 hours wildlife safari. Indian jungle can be a pleasant and fascinating experience , All you need is little bit of planning .

It is advisable that one should have fair idea of local conditions of Rajaji National Park & make sure the climate in the area and time of your visit is agreeable to you .

One should not forget to reserve accommodation in advance at Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park as the best time to visit ( Summers ) also attracts other visitors and generally accommodation is not available on holidays.

As the wild life is very sensitive for noise , one should take care that while moving inside of Rajaji National Park make sure that one make the minimum noise , animals do not tolerate the slightest human noise while being harassed at the sound of motor engines too, Rajaji National Park is not so easy to explore , it is better to consult local guide or local tour operators to get most of your visit to Jungle.