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Only 17 Kms from Rishikesh & 25 Kms from Haridwar and 10 kms inside of dense forests of Rajaji Tiger Reserve & Rajaji National Park , This is the location of Junglee Resort Rajaji Tiger Reserve & Rajaji National Park near Rishikesh , Junglee Resort is a true wildlife resort where you can spot a leopard right in front of the resort or in front of your Gypsy or SUV. Wildlife lovers, Birding lovers find this place totally perfect for their wildlife tour thirst .The Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park is positioned in middle of forest at the foothills of Great Himalayas. Junglee Resort Rajaji Park is located just 5 hours drive away from National capital Delhi ( Distance 225 Kms ). The Junglee resort Rajaji National Park is situated only 400 Mtrs from official boundry of Rajaji National Park and is located in civil forests , river stream is located nearby . Don't take yourself to a trip planned for a purpose, let trip take you into the woods with wild eyes peeping and over the thin line of monsoon river. Take the path of sound and colors and get yourself involved in the forest's wildness. The clear way to universe is through the magical trunks swaying to and fro in the wind. Feel the gesture of nature. All good things are wild and free so receive more then you seek with every walk of nature and get the hopeful symptoms of life.

"JUNGLEE RESORT" A place where an average traveler gets himself transformed to a wildlife lover. An universally acknowledged road trip and a fearless drive leads to the destination of 225 kms away from the rush of city. The combination of Luxury and Village life in the most fascinating way can be seen in Junglee Resort.. A Resort inside the forest that is as old as time. While crossing the ups and downs of the jungle and thinking about the leopard you may come across a Tusker crossing your way and leave you surprised. Don't miss the chance of having a glance of Royal prince in the Jungle.....Junglee Resort wel
comes all the wild life lovers who wants themselves fascinated with wildlife stories....Junglee resort.. A place for Adventure
Junglee is one of the most unique places in the world. The forest offer endless miles of jungle hiking, exotic jungle safari, adorable nature views and so much more. It is a place for all ages and all travel types.

Junglee resort is a great place to understand wildlife and travelers can fill the thrills in their lives
This place is very good for adventure for animal lovers. Because the Junglee Resort situated in 10 kms inside of Rajaji Tiger reserves.
Junglee resort most popular for them architecture. Junglee resort has 4 well maintained Tent house for wonderful camping, well furnished 3 Wood houses with unique structure, 3 Brick houses, 2 Terrace houses and one Den house.The Den house made according its name with low roof.
The rooms have a private wash rooms and are fitted with all the modern facilities. The resort has been recently renovated to provide a luxurious experience to the weary travelers.
Junglee resort has well known for offering fine accommodations and affordable price. Swargashram, the spiritual heart of Rishikesh and is a small township located 17 kms from resort. Other most important place at Rishikesh is Shri Shivananda Ashram. It can be reached by two ways - either by crossing river Ganges by boat or by walking through the Ram Jhula (Bridge of Rama) built across the river. The ashram was built in the memory of Swami Vishudhanand, the saint better known as Kali Kamli Wala (the saint with a black blanket) amongst the localities.
If you identify as adventurous, your foremost interest lies in trying out some of the fun activities in the area.
Adventure sports are a great way to begin this journey. Be it trying out hill climbing , white water rafting, jungle safari etc. Of your vacation.
If you are wondering where you can get all of these and more, visit Har ki puri , ganga arti famous temples at Haridwar around 29 kms.
Junglee resort has been completely transformed with beautifully decorated interiors, comfortable living rooms, bathrooms and high class toiletries. The property is walking distance from the Rajaji Tiger reserves.
Junglee resort is the perfect retreat in Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie for visitors, family, friends, group and business travellers alike.
The nature and its echoing beauty goes on to add meaning and restores balance in our lives. Beauty of nature has the quality of Junglee resort.. It's cleanses and purifies are soul for a fresh start. Take a deep, relaxing breath and enjoy the view of the sun setting on the horizon.
Finding a peaceful space for yourself is necessary to unfold your baggage and take in all the positivity around you.

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How To Reach  / Important Facts

Junglee Resort could be accessed by road , by train ( Haridwar station 25 kms )and by air ( Dehradun 75 Kms ), 10 Kms off roading is required to reach Junglee Resort Rajaji Park ( pick up is provided by resort by Gypsy or Jeeps
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Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is nearest national park from national capital Delhi , its is located only 206 kms from Delhi border, Rajaji National Park has 32 Tigers, 250 Leopards, 500 wild elephants , thousands of deer, wild boar and other wild animals, reptiles & birds

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Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park has variety of activities as wild life safari in open gypsy , Bird watching tours, Indoor games, outdoor games, option for adventure activities, Ayurveda Massage

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Yoga & Meditation

Junglee resort provides Yoga teacher training and Yoga learning programs by qualified Yoga Trainers, Junglee Resort has open air platform to enjoy Yoga practice with nature' feel , a Temple is located at top of resort to offer prayers, Aarti , Havan , pooja, Meditation

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Places to Visit

Near Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park