Eco Tourism at Rajaji National Park

Eco Tourism in Rajaji National Park

The people who live around Rajaji National Park form a fairly close community , most of them are local Garhwali villagers who have lived here for generations ,they have seen the park and tourism develop interestingly many of them also understand that unbridled tourism can destroy the very reason for tourism , the need is eco tourism this heightened awareness is the result of initiatives taken by the forest department with help from the naturalist and guides and other like minded people.

The perceptual difference is called for as when a visitor is in Rajaji National Park he did not think of it as he is going in to the forest instead he must think of it as the forest allowing him a visit in you should realize that life has its own rule here , as rules of human society do not reply here one must be aware but the fact that it is only a brief opening windows that he would otherwise not be able to look through the eco tourist is different than the ordinary visitor anyways , as when he goes into the forest he tries not think it as a holiday where is determined to get value for money the incredible sites provide ample opportunity for depleting once camera with images that can be captured hand stuck into fancy album online, tourism destinations the visit to a nature reserve has its own dimensions as one gets so.

Unlike this tourism destinations visit to a nature reserve has its own dimensions as one get so mesmerized that even forget to take photographs .

The park authorities in India are doing a yemon service to the mankind , unfortunately these National parks and sanctuaries in India are not only lacking modern infrastructure like modern communication equipments petrol vehicles but are understaffed ,poachers, non serious visitors take advantage of all this. While maintaining profile of nature is cause of great concern to the Indian government, it wont suffice without responsible visitors to see that they are in control of their own actions , the true onus lies on them not to disturb the balance of nature the best is you do it because you believe , It is right because you want to not just because there is a sign saying you can not do this , that or the other in the current context when visits to these nature’s exclusive paradise is going haywire attitude is vital.

The boom and bust scenario is a reality today yet there is a scope for rationalization and optimization with regard to sustenance of environment integrated management of tourist resources through biodiversity evaluation of environmental impact nature conservation etc. Lack of appropriate planning mid or long term planning property speculation unawareness on environmental impact specially evident in ecotourism based spectacular natural world fauna and flora and landscapes.

The recent tourist advancements have in general caused landscape deterioration fauna degrees and non adherence to the architecture of the surroundings , as there is little scope for recycling and is getting to the tourists as well as tourist planning is responsible and careless the Endeavour of tourist industry for promoting sustainable environment with positive influence on biological and social aspect is lacking the call for viable eco tourism is inevitable the powerful instrument for the reservation of nature potential of offering a wide range of spiritual and feasible satisfaction to millions of eco tourists the authorities concerned and tourism industry need to be made more responsible and have far sightness with regulations and controls on those causing damage to the environment and reward these at forefront of sustainability.

The recent past has remained a period of refund transformation has the environment council is consciousness of tourism industry public go to rest and administration has channelize conditions of production and use of tourist services through check on uncontrolled expansion of mass tourism. The tourist implication are being trim in terms of socio cultural and environmental impact today the decision makers in tourism industry react better to positive stimuli strategies of sustainability sincere alliance with conservation movement all around the sustainable tourist activities in the hands your client satisfaction as well as live score of survival for the environment in the recent transition phase professional attitude has changed and in the framework of economic targets of business and organization production to the environment or industry has found a place through continuous education and training of every one involved in tourism right from consumers and policy makers .

Thus becoming millennium resource fusion of adventure tourism big ego tourism and one can fossey scope forgot me travel and living with the nature as the industry is more sensitive to the new demands and is flexible as well as quality driven and has due priority of environmental aspects today quality tourism as a result of complex strategy and growing constant environmental awareness of consumer and their expectations to identify verify and differentiate ecologically correct makes of all products it is well realise that serious environmental problems also played videos hi tourist influx which remains for neo goa distance and right solution for plant survival the horizon of natural india has the right scope for discovery it is known as the maker of wild life and has fascinated visitors from all over the globe the recent past has seen enhanced inflow of tourists and travellers respective of the lack of sophisticated tourist infrastructure high temperature humidity etc.

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