Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park is located inside of forest and has plenty of activities to do , guests can enjoy wild life safaries by open Gypsy , Enjoy Mountain Biking , Can enjoy Trekking to Water Fall , Hiking to hill top located just behind our resort , Adventure activities are available as Flying Fox , Rock Climbing , Rappelling , River Crossing , Commando net , Burma Bridge Etc.

Outdoor Games as Cricket , Badminton , volleyball are available , Indoor games as TableTennis , Chess , Carom , Tambola are available at Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park.

Evenings could be enjoyed with Bonfire with Wildlife Movie at Common area .

School Groups or Students can enjoy above written activities with visit to Hydro Thermal Power Project which is located only 15 Kms from Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park

It has been observed that visitors visiting wildlife preserve national parks and wildlife centuries can be categorized into categories

1. Who visit as general visitor short term visitors and second wildlife enthusiasts at any point of time one may find number of such visitors camping inside the national park so involved in wildlife nemesis visitors need not be given any introductory information on wildlife reserves but majority of first time visitors need first hand knowledge of these reserves in terms of infrastructure and amenities everyone need to have sufficient preparation before making a trip.

2. Location: Location of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are notified throughout India ,exact location need to be confirmed before planning a trip the details about location of Rajaji National Park nearest town nearest railhead and airport helps in preparation of visitors.

3. Visiting Period: There are exclusive recommended period for each national park and for specific period these parks are closed for visitors in monsoon period , this information about Rajaji National Park helps visitors to plan your trip in advance , generally the best time to visit Rajaji National Park is February to may as trees are often bare due to fall of leaves and animal sighting is much easier and water points are less and wildlife could be easily seen near water points.

4. Open Gypsy Safari: Gypsy safari is allowed in most of the national parks and zones and ideal network of roads, inside the park movement of 4 wheelers is available and provides vehicle facilities as Maruti Gypsies , All visitors should strictly have a forest guide while enjoying wildlife safari and wildlife safety should be insured , safari gypsy should not have electrifying colors, example white and orange color is required to be avoided in elephant reserves and Rajaji National park.

5. Accommodation : Accommodation available within the national parks or adjoining areas is very limited private resorts in the vicinity of protected areas are available. One should try to stay as near as possible to national park has staying inside of forest makes your wildlife holiday a perfect one.

6. Food : Food is normally available in the forest rest houses and private resorts located inside of forest but some emergency arrangements required for special food requirement or some foreigners if they don't eat Indian food.

7. Clothing : How to seasonal variations and geographical diversity visitors need to be shared with suitable clothing for the occasion and environment what should take care that the wildlife watcher should be as conspicuous as possible primarily to avoid any kind of risk from wildlife ,old comfortable clothes of natural grey brown or a green color are the best bright and white color clothing should be avoided.

8. Reserve timings : Timings and schedule are most important thing to enjoy wildlife safari ,as schedule variable seasonally the visitors entry inside the park it is better to find out it in to avoid any kind of disappointment normal routine of 6 a.m. Opening and 6 p.m. Closing is followed. the same need to be taken care while inside the park has over involvement in the world live watching a force one behind the schedule.

9. Exclusive treatment : The serious visitors like the dedicated wildlife enthusiastic ,authors researchers ,birdwatchers may be rendered preferential treatment on availability of certificate of merit from institutions like world wide fund for nature with special mention that the visitor is dedicated to cause of wildlife preservation communicated in advance with the result but what is with the self addressed envelope in this reference.